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About Endeavor South Africa


Endeavor South Africa’s values are deeply entrenched in “A Culture of Thinking Big”, what this means for us is the ability to think, work, act on ideas and philosophies that encompass the magnitude of a dream. For many, dreaming big is a fantasy, a myth, but at Endeavor South Africa, we believe that no dream, idea, innovation or concept is too ambitious to realise.

Endeavor South Africa opened its offices in 2004 and has lead high-impact entrepreneurs to success by catalysing long-term economic growth by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs South Africa has to offer.

Rama Diallo Shagaya spearheaded the startup of the Endeavor Office, located in Johannesburg and was instrumental to the growth and success of the office for the next two years. Since its inauguration, Endeavor South Africa not only welcomed Managing Directors such as Greg Durst (2006 - 2009), Malik Fal (2008 - 2012) and finally Catherine Townshend (2012 - present), we also developed a unique Excelerator Programme in 2008, which works with black-owned businesses. The programme applies Endeavor’s global best practices to earlier-stage businesses that have the potential to become high—growth companies within a defined timeframe.

Endeavor’s unique value proposition is to give entrepreneurs:

Access to markets

The market provides Endeavor Entrepreneurs the platform to sell their goods and services to the right targets at the right time. Programmes such as Endeavor eMERGE, global, regional and local events such and a regional advisory board all ensure entrepreneurs have access to the market they need.

Access to talent

Endeavor Entrepreneurs gain access to industry tours, networking events, leadership (Stanford and Harvard) programmes and an Endeavor Advisory Board all headed by some of the most influential business luminaries in the world.

Access to capital

Endeavor has a Mentor Capital Programme, and InvestorNetwork and Endeavor Catalyst which all leverage the power of investments and investing in high-impact, innovative businesses and entrepreneurs.