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Selection Criteria

Endeavor is the leading supporter of high-impact entrepreneurs around the world. We focus on companies who are ready to scale, because that is where the highest job and wealth creation occur. We leverage a global network to help entrepreneurs achieve growth locally and globally. With the support of an unrivalled network of seasoned business leaders, Endeavor works to catalyse long-term economic growth by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs worldwide.

Endeavor South Africa has defined and supported some of our country’s best high-growth companies since 2004.


Leadership Potential:
Leaders with the vision, energy and skills to take their business (and themselves) to the next level.

Entrepreneur must be willing to participate in a high-impact, detailed programme.

Ecosystem Impact:
Will become role models by giving back (both financial and non-financial give back) to both Endeavor and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Business must have a minimum annual turnover of R8 million.

Founder-led business.

Scale and Acceleration:
The business is scalable, in other words it has the potential to grow and become a market leader.

Unique business:
It cannot easily be replicated. It is not a “me-too business”, such as a consultancy or agency.


Inflection Point:
Business at a key inflection point in growth trajectory.