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Selection Criteria

South Africa has a high unemployment rate with young people making up the majority of that number. We believe that developing high-impact entrepreneurs is the best way to promote an economy in South Africa that is sustainable.

This is why we replicated the success achieved globally with the Endeavor model through our unique Excelerator programme which started in 2009, which is aimed at black-owned businesses that are at an earlier stage of development and that show a high-growth potential within a defined timeframe.

We believe in pushing these earlier stage entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the point where they not only become Endeavor Entrepreneurs, but also become role-models who are building meaningful businesses.

A key component of our continued success is brought about through the generous support of our partners, sponsors, donors and entrepreneurs.


Leadership Potential:
Leaders with the vision, energy and skills to take their business (and themselves) to the next level.

Entrepreneur must be willing to participate in a 24-month programme.

Ecosystem Impact:
Will become role models by giving back (both financial and non-financial give back) to both Endeavor Excelerator and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Business must have a minimum annual turnover of R2 million.

Founder-led business with a 51% black ownership.

Scale and Acceleration:
The business is scalable, in other words it has the potential to grow and become a market leader.

Unique business:
It cannot easily be replicated. It is not a “me-too business”, such as a consultancy or agency.


Inflection Point:
Business at a key inflection point in growth trajectory.