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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Endeavor and how can it help me?

Endeavor is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in growth markets to become global leaders through providing access to talent, investors, partners and markets.  This support is delivered through a global network of dedicated business luminaries and leading corporate partners who volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise to high impact entrepreneurs.  The impact of this support ensures sustained economic development and change through role model leadership and the impact of exponential job creation.

If you are a founder of a successful company and you have the aspiration to be a leader in your market, Endeavor can help you accelerate the growth of your business by giving you access to some of the greatest business minds in the world. 

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What criteria should I meet to become an Endeavor Entrepreneur?

Endeavor seeks entrepreneurs at varying stages in their business life-cycle. The intention is that they should be at a “tipping point”, where Endeavor can help the entrepreneur reach new levels.


Can Endeavor provide financial assistance?

Endeavor is not a fund. Through the Endeavor Investor Network we extend the reach of leading investment firms by providing access to high-growth companies and local investment partners in all of Endeavor’s markets. Endeavor has successfully supported 80 Endeavor companies raise USD350M+ in equity capital in the past 24 months.
In addition, Endeavor has launched the Endeavor Catalyst.  An innovative, passive investment pool that uses donated capital to co-invest alongside qualified lead investors in Endeavor Entrepreneur funding rounds in a neutral, rules-based process.

What happens to Entrepreneurs who participate in the selection process but are not selected?

The selection process is structured in such a way that it adds significant value to all the entrepreneurs. The panellists – business leaders and experts – do an in-depth analysis of each enterprise and individual feedbacks are later given to entrepreneurs. Therefore, entrepreneurs who end up not moving through to the next phase of the Endeavor process still gain a lot of value out of the interactive engagement. In addition, they are encouraged to review their businesses in line with the recommendations given to them and are then welcome to apply again.

When does the programme end?

The majority of the Endeavor Entrepreneurs engage the Endeavor Services on an ongoing basis and their engagement and participation is driven by the stage of growth their entities.  All Endeavor Entrepreneurs give back to the community by advancing the cause of entrepreneurship and may also act as mentors for the newly selected entrepreneurs.

I'm a business leader/entrepreneur who wants to volunteer with Endeavor. What can I do?

Endeavor relies on donors and a network of business leaders to support and stimulate entrepreneurship. We welcome new mentors who are industry experts, leading executives, academics and entrepreneurs. Mentors screen, analyse and engage with our entrepreneurs.

Mentors also gain immense value from their association with Endeavor by having access to a global network of business leaders, potential clients, as well as the satisfaction of contributing to the development of South Africa.

For more information on our mentors, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.