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2015 2016 impact reportEndeavor 2015 - 2016 impact report

“Endeavor’s global movement is transforming economies, one entrepreneur at a time.”


General Partner, Accretive LLC

Endeavor Global Board Chairman

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2014 2015 impact reportEndeavor 2014 - 2015 Impact report

Amazing how a short word can pack so much into it. At Endeavor, we always have been big believers in speaking about and measuring impact. We published our first Impact Report, in lieu of a traditional Annual Report, in 1999. But while we have regularly talked about impact, we have never defined it as a static achievement. For us, impact is an ongoing, living thing. It’s not merely about where we are today, but also where we hope to be in the future.

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20141120 Endeavor-2014-impact-reportEndeavor 2014 Impact Report highlights the Endeavor model and success of the network

To build a world-class business, entrepreneurs need more than an idea. They need people to look up to – role models who achieved incredible success despite the odds. They need access to capital and mentors to help them think big and pivot through challenges. Endeavor has set out to create support systems for entrepreneurs around the world.

As demand for the economic and social value generated by high-impact entrepreneurship increases, entrepreneurs and executives are urging Endeavor – the global leader in scaling businesses and developing entrepreneurial ecosystems – to launch in their communities. Once focused exclusively on emerging markets, today Endeavor believes that its model is relevant in a broader range of countries and cities around the world.

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20141015 EY-africa-2030-reportEY Africa 2030: Realising the possibilities

This publication marks a subtle change in emphasis for EY. Since EY initiated their flagship Africa attractiveness programme in 2010, they have been among those at the forefront of promoting the African growth story and advocating for greater levels of investment into Africa. EY has developed a robust data- and knowledge base to help provide quantitative substance to support the “business case” for Africa.

This remains an important task. Despite the clear evidence of sustained progress, there are many who remain sceptical about Africa. It is important for EY to continue to provide evidence of the continent’s progress, so that decisions are driven by facts rather than often outdated perceptions. The first chapter of this report highlights some of this evidence, summarising what for EY has been some of the key drivers of the African growth story.

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20140911 WEF-AMNC14 Report TheBoldOnesWEF Report highlights Endeavor’s role and research

The World Economic Forum recently released a new report titled “The Bold Ones – High-Impact Entrepreneurs Who Transform Industries” that takes an in-depth look at the power of high-impact entrepreneurs and their role in transforming economies. Drawing from survey data from over 600 entrepreneurs in EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year programme as well as research from Endeavor Insight, the report seeks to better understand how successful companies accelerate access to new markets and become scalable businesses that create high-value jobs.

In particular, the report found that the over 600 companies in the sample (1/10,000th of the total number of US companies) have created over 160,000 jobs in the last two years (nearly 1/20th of the total U.S. economy). These ventures have outperformed comparable financial indices by a substantial margin and have created significant wealth for owners, employees, and customers. In addition, the report features insights from Endeavor CEO and co-founder Linda Rottenberg, who is recognised as an early pioneer of the high-impact entrepreneurship movement.

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20140826 Endeavor-SA-13-25-Impact-Report13-25 report highlights why scaleups are critical for job creation in SA

Why scaleup companies are critical for job creation in South Africa. The data in this report is drawn primarily from the most recent World Bank Enterprise Survey data from 2010 of 817 South African companies. This report analyses job creation by firm type – startups that are up to three years old, scaleups that are greater than three years old and have 20% or more average annual employment growth, and other companies that are also greater than three years old, but have less than 20% average annual employment growth. More information on the methodology underpinning this analysis can be found on page nine.

This report was created by Tala Bassil, Maya Dadoo Gonzales, Michael Goodwin, and Rhett Morris inJuly 2013.

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20140826 Endeavor-white-paper-imageEndeavor SA White Paper explores barriers to entry for SA entrepreneurs

The State of Entrepreneurship in South Africa: Creating the right ecosystem to grow and support high-impact entrepreneurs. The Fourth State of Entrepreneurship in South Africa Summit was held on 12 November 2012 and this White Paper is the outcome of the ideas we shared on that day.

The debate was divided into two parts: a headline panel, which broadly examined the four important elements of the envisaged ecosystem; and four break-away panels, which drilled down deeper into each of the four elements.

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20140612 Lebanon Impact ReportLebanon's Impact Report shows Endeavor's contribution to economic transformation

Endeavor Lebanon was launched in 2011, with the singular purpose of supporting High-Impact Entrepreneurs: those who create jobs, build value and inspire others to do so as leading role models. With the active backing of our Board of Directors, we have stepped up to the challenge of contributing to Lebanon’s economic transformation.

Today, Endeavor Lebanon boasts a portfolio of 17 entrepreneurs who employ over 1000 people. Moreover, our network of mentors tops 150 business leaders who have generously donated over 700 hours.

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20140610 Endeavor IN bookletEndeavor Investor Network extends reach of leading investment firms

The Endeavor Investor Network extends the reach of leading investment firms by providing them with access to high-growth companies, local investment partners, and business leaders in all of Endeavor’s growing markets. Launched in April 2011, the Endeavor Investor Network is an invitation-only, annual membership programme designed specifically for venture capital and growth equity firms.

Membership benefits:

  • •     Member-only Events in Endeavor’s markets (e.g. Brazil, Turkey) and global hubs (e.g. San Francisco, New York)
  • •     Introductions to top entrepreneurs, investors and strategic partners in Endeavor’s worldwide network

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20140609 SAPSmall and mid-sized enterprises - a research report sponsored by SAP


Small and mid-sized enterprises - a research report sponsored by SAP. [Click here] to download the full Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) presentation as shared by Desmond Nair, SAP Africa's head of Ecosystem and Channel, at the summit.