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Tuesday, 31 January 2017 10:05

Ways to show your customers some love this Valentine’s month

Valentine’s Day is on February 14, but February is the month of love. Why not celebrate by showing your customers some love in the following ways…

Write a note

When was the last time you handwrote a note of appreciation to anyone? It’s surprising how this old school way of showing gratitude is used. Make your note is specific and personal. You will make your customer’s day and the note will serve as a reminder that you care...

Help your customer learn something new

Does your customer know the inner workings of the product or service you have to offer? Is there something new or a little known fact you can share with them about your product or service? Why not hold regular events where you bring in experts to talk about your product or service and offer free samples to retain customer loyalty.

Spend quality time together

This is perhaps the most “romantic” thing you could do for your customer this Valentine’s month. Scheduling to have lunch with your customer gives you the opportunity to really listen to and engage with your customer. In this way, you get to learn more about your customers, their needs and how to improve your offering.

Start a Loyalty Programme

Invite your most loyal customers into a VIP rewards programme that gives them access to prime products and services at a discounted price or for free. Customers love feeling special, and this is a wonderful way to do so.

Reward social media savvy customers

Your social marketing activations are perhaps the most honest interactions you’ll have with your customers – other than face-to-face – and as such should be treated with care. Listen to your customers, monitor their interactions, and reward those who interact (positively) with you the most.

Excel at customer service daily

There is nothing more “romantic” than showing your customer some genuine customer satisfactory love every single day. Friendly, informed staff are more likely to put a smile on the dial of your most loyal customers than anything. Always remember this.

Happy Valentine’s Month from Endeavor South Africa Team!