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Tuesday, 25 July 2017 09:07

Bon Voyage, Cara!

Cara Eachus recently joined the Endeavor Cape Town team in 2015 where she worked alongside Deanne Friis-Smith. She received a BBA in Business Management and English through Unisa and a post-graduate qualification in Education. Before joining the team, Cara worked as a teacher, ran her own successful education-related businesses. An entrepreneur in her own right, Cara was the perfect fit for Endeavor.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at Endeavor South Africa?

I have loved making an impact; watching prospects becoming candidates and all the lights turning on when they realise the impact Endeavor has, right up to finally being selected as an Endeavor entrepreneur. I have been humbled by the generosity of the mentors Endeavor has and their commitment to the process.

What did you learn about the industry?

That entrepreneurship can be lonely. It has been so exciting watching entrepreneurs giving back to each other and investing their time and experience in others. This is where the major value add lies!

What have you learnt about yourself and your own journey?

It is so hard to not get personally invested in the entrepreneurs’ businesses while journeying along with them. I have met amazing entrepreneurs with phenomenal, impactful businesses that I want to shout about from the roof tops. It has been such an honour to participate in some of these businesses even in a small part.

What was your main motivation for going to work daily?

No day was ever boring! I loved meeting new people; entrepreneurs, mentors, sponsors as well as colleagues from around the world in a different capacity every day. I truly felt like I made a difference.

Do you have any advice for anyone joining Endeavor South Africa in the future?

I think anyone working in a role similar to mine is exceptionally fortunate. There are amazing people working at Endeavor that have been indispensable in furthering my knowledge and experience for my personal career growth. Get to know Endeavor’s service offerings, locally and internationally, in order to truly “show off”, there is so much Endeavor can offer and so much to be proud of. Immerse yourself in the network of people in order to truly “connect the dots” and learn the most you can in order to offer the most and make the biggest impact.

How has your time at Endeavor impacted the person you are today.

I ask more questions and probably more valuable questions about people’s backgrounds and how they got where they are today. I work efficiently and smartly having learnt to make decisions well.

We will miss you terribly, but what will you miss most?

I will miss organising events, meeting new people, connecting with the venture corps and entrepreneurs that have become very dear to me over the years but I hope to be back soon and to not lose touch.

Share one of your fondest memories at Endeavor with us.

My proudest moment was seeing my first entrepreneur selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur. I will cherish the kind words and encouragement my colleagues shared with me on my departure from Endeavor.

What is in store for Cara Eachus in the future? Where to from here?

Completing our family and spending time with my children in these first few formative years and then to start looking for a similar opportunity to work in an environment that values high impact!

We will miss Cara, but are so fortunate to have had such a dedicated and talented individual on our team!